Sunday, December 17, 2017


Its dreary today and so is my mood.
Mom had a fall in the bathroom three days ago and hasn't 
fully bounced back.  She has good days and bad days but
usually everything is righted by more water and juice intake.
Not the case this time...not so far.
She's spending a lot of time in her wheel chair
because these bad days come with a heighten unsteadiness
and she's much more prone to fall.
I didn't see the fall but it scared me.
She was flat on her back and would not respond to my questions.
I screamed for Dad, as usual he didn't have his hearing aids in
so I had to SCREAM again and SCREAM again.
Finally he was at my side, It was his idea to put a cool cloth on her
face and a towel under her head.  I was thinking do we need to call 911.  While she was on the floor I got the wheel chair and Dad 
managed to get her into a sitting position.

Minutes later she was able to aid us in getting her up
and into her chair. I quizzed her on hurting anywhere but she said no.  She had some water, juice and her normal breakfast.
Still she seemed a little more out of it and unsteady,
but in no real pain.
I know these falls are going to happen and you try not to beat
yourself up for not being right there...
but its hard.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


This is what having too much time on your hands
does to you.

I just downloaded a new app on my phone
and I just went crazy
I decided to do a family photo album.
I'm not sure they will all appreciate it
but I'm doing it all the same.
The app is Photo Lab and its free.

I downloaded one called Cartoon Camera last year
but this is way better.

I've been sharing photos
with friends and family
I sent one to my brother and he shot back
"Nancy has a new toy".

There are tons of options to play with
but my favorite is this "Pop Art Style".

If you're friends with me on facebook, no doubt
you will see some other options 
but for this post I'm trying to be cohesive.

I have always dreamt of being
talented enough to be able to sketch, draw and paint

but I suck at it.

I guess this is the next best thing.

Perhaps everybody already knows about this app
and I'm just now catching up
after all I didn't get a smart phone until a year ago.

Anyway...this is my beautiful family.

Monday, December 11, 2017


I can hardly believe its 
Christmas time
This year has flown by.

Last year I got myself into a Christmas Day funk,
and I'm determined that is not happening again.
No expectations are the best expectations.

I'm keeping in mind, it's a season, not just a day.
Our decorations are minimal
but festive enough.

Last year my favorite gift was one I purchased
with a Amazon gift card from Rick and Terry,
an essential oil diffuser.
Just love it...I kept the house smelling wonderful
and hopefully all of us healthier.
Christmas time is no different.

The family has decided to forgo gifts this year

but I am sending just a few cards 
and displaying the ones we receive close by,
 Mom looks at them several times a day
and each time it's new.

Started playing Christmas music on Pandora today,
love that.

There is no shortage of sweets in the house.
Sue was here this weekend and brought us
holiday check mix.
I have made "no bake" chocolate oatmeal cookies...

I'm not making myself crazy about a 
Christmas dinner,
Lord knows a heavy, rich meal
is the last thing the three of us need.
Last year is proof of that.
I will put something in the crock pot and
that will be that.

When Christmas Day rolls around,
my only plan is to see what's streaming
on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

 Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays

PS: All pictures were pulled from Pinterest

Sunday, December 3, 2017


 The sky is so blue today and the weather
is perfect for just a light jacket.

 Cooper and I took a short walk around the property
just to see what we could see.

 The leaves have mostly fallen and are crunching
under our feet.

The colors, muted, but are still enhanced
by the big blue sky and sunshine.

 Cooper has not yet mastered the leash,
but she does quite well staying near
when we are out and about.

I want her to know her space and to be able
to enjoy as I do.
We just need to stay clear of that 

Thursday, November 30, 2017


 Don't judge me, but I started my Christmas decorating
even before Thanksgiving.
I couldn't help myself, I love to decorate.

I have to tell you decorating here at Mom & Dad's 
is a whole different ballgame.
Back in Johnson City where I was surrounded by the things
that I love and a d├ęcor that was personal,
Christmas decorating was a piece of cake.

Here, it must be pondered.

I've used some things that I brought with me
like my white lights and crochet snowflakes.

Wonderful personal gifts like this folded book
from my sister in law, Terry.

 A few things I've made using what I had on hand
or bits and pieces I've picked up at Goodwill or
the thrift shop. This little package garland was made
from some left over scrap booking paper and cardboard.
 I also made a little gingerbread man garland out of some old
brown paper.

I love decorating with nature
it's my favorite.
I put on my walking shoes, get my garden
clippers and see what treasures 
I can find.

Oh, and did I say how easy 
it is when its time to put everything away
after the holidays.
Just dump it in the compost
or back out in the field.

Yea, keep it simple that is my motto here,
spend as little money as possible.
There is so much Christmas stuff out there
in thrift shops why buy new...
just renew.

Tomorrow is December 1st.
lets get our Christmas game on.
Oh and I get to start using my 
Christmas advent calendar tomorrow too,
thank you Susan Okrasinski!

Monday, November 6, 2017


Another birthday has come and gone
and it was a very good one.
I knew I wanted a shelter dog and had been hoping I would
find one by my birthday.
My plan was to get an adult dog, one that was small and 
easy to manage.

Well, this is what I got.
The picture says it all...

She looked so adorable at the 
Lincoln County Animal Shelter

 I had been to the shelter a couple of times and
there seemed to be a real shortage of
small adult dogs.
I can handle a puppy, right?

She was too young to bring home so I needed 
to wait two weeks.
No problem, this gave me time to prepare
for the little darling.

Her shelter name was Kate
but I named her Cooper.
The only thing I know about her is that she
is part Boston Terrier.
Only time will tell if I got a relatively small dog
or a monster giant.

Whatever she turns out to be
it really doesn't matter now.
We have bonded and she's my