Monday, August 7, 2017


I've just finished my entry into the 2017 Davidson Family Bake off.
This time we did "Tunnel of Fudge Cake".

I can't remember the last cake that I made from scratch,
if I ever did make one.  I'm thinking with four years of
home economics in high school I surly did,
but nothing comes to mine.

This was quite a pricey little endeavor,
with almost four sticks of butter, six eggs,
two kinds of sugar,
flour, chopped nuts and cocoa.

Did I mention I bake everything in a
toaster oven...don't get me started.

Into the oven

Out of the oven.

Cooled, flipped and glazed.

Because it wasn't rich enough on its own,
I served it with a scoop of ice cream.

If you try to reach us and can't,
there's a good chance we've all past away
due to a sugar coma...
but we died happy!

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Here I am on a Wednesday afternoon in July.
So much of my life is sameness...
everyday I have the same routine with Mom.
I get her up, do the morning necessities, get her breakfast,
which includes coffee, cereal with banana, and
see that she has her morning meds. Soon after, she's
ready for her first nap of the day.
When Mom is having a good day
we spend a little time outside getting some
sunshine and stimuli.
Nap time affords me a bit of time to myself,
of course some of it is taken up by household chores,
but on the whole I have lots of free time,
just not freedom.

When the weather permits, I spend as much time
as possible outside.
I've never been crazy about my parents house,
but their property is to die for.
In the morning from six to eight, I grab a large mug
of coffee and start the day out right by communing with nature.
I love to simply sit on the swing and watch the birds and
gaze at the great outdoors.

Usually there are two or three hummingbirds
that keep me company.
And there are a pair of goldfinch that always
make an appearance.  Not to mention the countless
sparrows and house finches.
The birds are my company and the best of companions.

Best of all...
my little garden.
What pleasure a small plot of land can give.
I love looking at it, tending it, harvesting from it.
It truly makes me happy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 Last year our "little" table garden was just too
big for the three of us.  Plus I didn't know what I
was doing so most of it was a failure.

This year I've converted the front third into a small
herb and flower garden, it's already taking shape.

This fairy has been around the block and back.
It first belonged to my niece Kate, given to her
by her father.  Then it became property of
the household and spent time on the
front porch of Buttermilk Cottage.
Then it made its way into the backyard and sat on an old
latter in the garden.  Now it's at home in
Fayetteville Tennessee with me.

Last year while looking over our side meadow
I happen to spy something in the distance
that caught my attention. 
Something orange in the distance.
I inquired about it to friends and discovered that
it might be butterfly weed.  Before I could dig it up
it got cut down and bailed, so this year I have
been on the look out and yesterday I found it.
I may have made a big mistake, but I got my shovel
and wheelbarrow and gathered a few clumps.
Time will tell, anyway isn't gardening
just trial and error?

I reinstated my bottle bush
(the stepchild to a bottle tree)
My bottle tree is on lone to Susan for now.

Happy Gardening

PS if anyone in the Fayetteville area should want to dig up
or divide their Black Eyed Susan's,
my hand is up.


 Happy Birthday
to my big brother
Billy W Davidson Jr.

He's an introvert, lover of nature and animals
and my father's namesake.

Now that he is retired, he spends much of his time outdoors.
He has started raising chickens, in fact just this year,
he has added 14 to his flock.
When ever he visits, he always brings a colorful collection
of eggs to enjoy.

He is married to one of the best gals around
Patricia Talley Davidson

When he's not in the backyard,
you can most likely find him in his workshop.

Did I mention that he is a very organized person?

So happy birthday Bill,
relax and enjoy your day.
I hope you're having chocolate cake!
Love, Nancy

Thursday, May 4, 2017


 Spring has come to us here in Fayetteville
but it didn't stay long.  It seems
we are now in Blackberry Winter.

We are trying to take full advantage of
our days when we are forced to be inside.
Dad has put up a shelf in our laundry room
which I requested.  I found this great old
board in our old storage shack,
after a little clean up and some Liquid Gold,
it was perfect.

I've been doing a little crafting.
This is a wreath I made using
pine cones.

I like it.

Spring is my favorite season.
I so enjoy just strolling around the property
and seeing what nature has provided.
Lately the honeysuckle has been in bloom
as well as all kinds of wildflowers.

We have started our garden, but it's
not much to look at just yet.
This little plant slept in the garage
over the winter, I can't believe it

Until it's warm again...
we wait.

Monday, March 6, 2017


Today marks my one year anniversary with the folks.
I've seen all four seasons,
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

I'm looking forward to what this next year will bring.
I am especially looking forward to Spring,
and all the outdoor activities.

I have to be honest, it has not started very well,
with that being said, I must add,
 we have faced what life has thrown at us
and can still continue to smile.

We found a lump on Mom's left breast
and have determined that it is
Ten days ago she had a generous biopsy
by a local surgeon, J Dennie Crabtree.

Mom did beautifully!
I did some reading about breast cancer in elderly women
with dementia
 When we saw the doctor, I was prepared with some good questions.
We decided that "less is more" in her situation.
No other procedures are needed
at this time.

She is recovering nicely, in fact she had very little pain
and was able to do everything as normal.

Dad is hanging in there as well.
We had to purchase a new
washer and dryer
that same week and that seemed to occupy him
more than Mom's surgery.
(on the surface anyway)
But I'm not judging, whatever gets you through.
We all have our coping mechanisms.

Until next time, happy almost Spring.