Friday, September 30, 2016


It's been two months since my last post.
In that time, my sister Susan, Kate my niece, and I
have traveled to France and back.

It was an extraordinary trip!

 In Paris we managed to meet my younger
brother Rick and his lovely wife, Terry
for a few days.

We wandered the streets of Paris
soaking up the sights and atmosphere,

stopping whenever we could at
one of the numerous outdoor cafes
for a coffee.

After saying farewell to the city of lights
and family we journeyed to
Avignon and the surrounding areas.

Everything here was so picturesque  and charming.
(a couple from Australia  we toured with)

 It was just magical...the

and of course food and drink!
I can hardly believe this is my life.

Lastly we traveled to the land of the
rich and famous.
Monaco, Monte Carlo and

This was the view from our hotel in Nice.
It was just a short walk to Old Town.

Kate couldn't resist
playing in the giant fountain
right outside our doorway.

Home again with a treasure chest
of memories that I can
pull out when life gets me down.