Thursday, July 13, 2017


Here I am on a Wednesday afternoon in July.
So much of my life is sameness...
everyday I have the same routine with Mom.
I get her up, do the morning necessities, get her breakfast,
which includes coffee, cereal with banana, and
see that she has her morning meds. Soon after, she's
ready for her first nap of the day.
When Mom is having a good day
we spend a little time outside getting some
sunshine and stimuli.
Nap time affords me a bit of time to myself,
of course some of it is taken up by household chores,
but on the whole I have lots of free time,
just not freedom.

When the weather permits, I spend as much time
as possible outside.
I've never been crazy about my parents house,
but their property is to die for.
In the morning from six to eight, I grab a large mug
of coffee and start the day out right by communing with nature.
I love to simply sit on the swing and watch the birds and
gaze at the great outdoors.

Usually there are two or three hummingbirds
that keep me company.
And there are a pair of goldfinch that always
make an appearance.  Not to mention the countless
sparrows and house finches.
The birds are my company and the best of companions.

Best of all...
my little garden.
What pleasure a small plot of land can give.
I love looking at it, tending it, harvesting from it.
It truly makes me happy.