Monday, March 6, 2017


Today marks my one year anniversary with the folks.
I've seen all four seasons,
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

I'm looking forward to what this next year will bring.
I am especially looking forward to Spring,
and all the outdoor activities.

I have to be honest, it has not started very well,
with that being said, I must add,
 we have faced what life has thrown at us
and can still continue to smile.

We found a lump on Mom's left breast
and have determined that it is
Ten days ago she had a generous biopsy
by a local surgeon, J Dennie Crabtree.

Mom did beautifully!
I did some reading about breast cancer in elderly women
with dementia
 When we saw the doctor, I was prepared with some good questions.
We decided that "less is more" in her situation.
No other procedures are needed
at this time.

She is recovering nicely, in fact she had very little pain
and was able to do everything as normal.

Dad is hanging in there as well.
We had to purchase a new
washer and dryer
that same week and that seemed to occupy him
more than Mom's surgery.
(on the surface anyway)
But I'm not judging, whatever gets you through.
We all have our coping mechanisms.

Until next time, happy almost Spring.