Thursday, January 10, 2019


 I wanted to show you my latest 
up-cycled sweater wreath creation.

A friend on face book ask me to do a special order
for her. She wanted something with a beach theme.
Living with and caring for my parents now means I don't
have the luxury of having all my crafting supplies
at my disposal.  My mantra is "use what you have", so I 
had to be creative for sure.  I had a frame, some bags of scrap sweaters, and my Mom had a jar off pretty shells.

I ended up picking up a couple of used sweaters
at the local Goodwill's 50% sale and made it all work.

Here is the finished product hanging on my friend's door.
I don't know if it is what she had in mind but
I guarantee no one else will have one like it.

Sunday, December 16, 2018


Hard to believe its almost Christmas again.
I haven't been caring for my parents quite three years yet,
but this will be my third Christmas.

Autumn came and went without much fan fair.

I did have a lovely birthday in October
thanks to my sis, Susan.
We ventured to Miss Bobo's,
located in Lynchburg and owned
by Jack Daniels.
Quite a spread!

Otherwise, I've just tried to stay busy.
One project I took on was to do some organization
in my Dad's garage and workshop.
Cleaning out drawers and cabinets,
putting like things together and such.

 Where my Dad and my Uncle James before him
acquired all the STUFF in that garage I'll never know ,
but STUFF we have. The following pictures
of measuring tools is just a glimpse  of the

Now, I'm a crafter and I would love to be
creative enough to come up with ideas using
all these goodies, but my brain just won't

 I found about 15 to 20 various rulers and yardsticks

and I was able to come up with some Christmas
crafts, thank goodness.

Dad and I worked on this project together.
He drilled the holds at each end and we bolted
them together, I wrapped the lights.
These sticks were interesting,
they were 48 inches long instead of the normal 36 inches.

We mounted it on the outside of the workshop,
we can see it from our back window

and traffic in both directions on the highway
can see it as well.

The other craft I did was this yardstick/ruler
Christmas tree,
thank you Pinterest.

Wishing you a very merry
measuring Christmas.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Summer has come and gone
and it's been a good one.

I was somewhat daring...
cut my own hair!

Someone new in the neighborhood
came by for a visit.

Purchased some new bedding online from

Mom had a barium swallow test
that was
absolutely useless.

 Dad did a lot of reading, playing solitaire,
and snoozing.

I spent many days 
trying to organize
Dad's workshop
(this is the before pictures, I don't have after)

Now, what do you think Fall will bring?
I can only imagine.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018


According to my "easterseals" calendar
today is flag day.
We in the Davidson household are 
old school when it comes to the flag.
I'm the first one up in the mornings so I put it up,
Dad takes it down every evening around dusk.
We try not to let it touch the ground,
but when you're 92, accidents happen.
It stays dry on the porch, when rain
is in the forecast.

The flag is a symbol that I hold dear
but what I hold more dear than the fabric alone,
are the principles behind the flag.
Blue/Justice, Loyalty, Perseverance 

So, if you want to bend the knee
its alright with me
but I'll stand as long as I can.

Show your colors today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Well, it's that time of year again.
The Davidson Family Cake Bakeoff.
This is our third year and my sister,
Susan chose the cake.
Hummingbird cake
I had never tasted hummingbird cake,
and I had certainly never made one.
I have now!!!
I looked around the Internet for a recipe,
and found the traditional cakes were all
pretty much the same.
I chose to use the recipe in the 
1978 Southern Living magazine, one of the first times
it was introduced to American cooks.
The cake was easy enough although it took me
triple the time to bake because once again
I was using our toaster oven.
I literally thought I was going to 
burn the motor up 
on my Mom's harvest gold1970 hand mixer.
Two packages of cream cheese.
Two sticks of butter.
Two boxes of powdered sugar.
I'll be wiping cream cheese frosting off the walls
for the next three weeks.
It all came together
and was delicious.
And, by the way made a perfect
birthday cake for my Mom's 
89th birthday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


 Today is my sweet Mom's birthday
she is 89.

 Unfortunately it was not a very good day for her.
She couldn't stay focused and didn't 
seem to be interested in any 
birthday festivities. 

 I did get a big smile from her when I rolled out
her birthday cake...we always smile for cake, right.

 She enjoyed a piece after lunch
because I'm not totally sure
she'll make it until supper time.

Anyway, a big happy birthday 
to my Mom.