Monday, February 26, 2018

Flower Power

 Do people send flowers anymore?
I guess if you have a large network of friends and family
you might get a few bouquets but walking the halls
at the skilled care facility here at Donalson I don't think its a big
priority for the elderly and their families.
First of all they cost so darn much and many people don't think
they are worth it because they die so quickly.

 I can't say I agree, flowers and cards are always a mood lifter.
My cousin Gay was kind enough to send a lovely arrangement
to my Mom when she first went into the hospital.
She used a local florist called "The Flower House"
and boy do they know what they're doing.
Only yesterday did I have to weed out some of the wilted one,
but still had a nice selection to make a smaller bouquet.

I honestly don't know how much my Mom pays attention to her room d├ęcor
but I for one will always want flowers and plants around me
until the day I die,
even if they come from Walmart.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


This is Mom today February 22, 2018
She has been in Donalson, a skill care facility 
since the 12th.
Today is her 11th day and it is a 
good day.

 Not everyday has been a good one.

Mom had to be taken to the emergency room on the 9th,
We called for an ambulance because she was
not able to sit, stand or walk.
Dad and I could not manage her in that dead weight state.

Her doctor, William Edwards was off for the weekend
so it took a little time to get her admitted.
Doctor Sarah Thelen
was the doctor on call for him and I was glad she was the one.
Doctor Thelen is my personal physician so I knew her
and what to expect.

She was diagnosed with a bladder infection
and a spot of pneumonia. They kept her through
the weekend and Doctor Edwards transferred her
to Donalson on Monday.

At Donalson she gets a well balance meal
three times a day (that doesn't mean she eats it)
Physical and occupational therapy
and needless to say, plenty of sleep.

Right now she is sharing a room. It is so, so small.
She has the bed closest to the door which makes
you very exposed.  The privacy curtain is always drawn
so no natural light can get in to her space.
No place for visitors to sit and with all the paraphernalia 
that comes with two elderly women recovering...
well you can hardly turn around.

Good news is, she's being transferred tomorrow
to a private room. There is sure to be some
disadvantages to that but I'm happy all the same.
Hope it works out.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


 Today is laundry day, 
and I couldn't be happier.

 Folding clothes is one of Mom's activities.
She seems to always be willing and
even better, seems to enjoy it.

 PJ pants and a tee or sweatshirt
has become Mom's daily "go to" outfit.
Her Binswanger's Disease has left her
shaky and incontinent,
therefor laundry is a big deal around here.

Everyday is laundry day'
and that's okay.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Yesterday was our first major snow for the season.

Perhaps I shouldn't say major
because it never completely covered our grass,
but the schools were closed and
they salted and scraped the roads.

It started about seven in the morning, before
Mom was up, so she had a big
surprise with her breakfast.

She loved it.
She kept up a continuous commentary
about the beauty of it and seemed to be in complete wonder.
She mused about Michigan, and talked about
gone by days on Tuttlehill Road where she grew up.

Cooper was quite impressed as well.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Every day there is a showdown
between Mom and Cooper,
but nobody really wins.

I think the name of the game is
Tease Me, Please.

Mom's mind is muddled, but Cooper
is confused as well.  Sometimes she's a
"good dog" or "baby doll",
then five minutes later she's a
"darn nuisance" and "something else".

 Mom always keeps a rolled up newspaper
close at hand. 
It's the ultimate tool!
fighting off,
you get the picture.

Whatever Mom is trying to convey,
to Cooper, it's all about

Let the games begin.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Its dreary today and so is my mood.
Mom had a fall in the bathroom three days ago and hasn't 
fully bounced back.  She has good days and bad days but
usually everything is righted by more water and juice intake.
Not the case this time...not so far.
She's spending a lot of time in her wheel chair
because these bad days come with a heighten unsteadiness
and she's much more prone to fall.
I didn't see the fall but it scared me.
She was flat on her back and would not respond to my questions.
I screamed for Dad, as usual he didn't have his hearing aids in
so I had to SCREAM again and SCREAM again.
Finally he was at my side, It was his idea to put a cool cloth on her
face and a towel under her head.  I was thinking do we need to call 911.  While she was on the floor I got the wheel chair and Dad 
managed to get her into a sitting position.

Minutes later she was able to aid us in getting her up
and into her chair. I quizzed her on hurting anywhere but she said no.  She had some water, juice and her normal breakfast.
Still she seemed a little more out of it and unsteady,
but in no real pain.
I know these falls are going to happen and you try not to beat
yourself up for not being right there...
but its hard.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


This is what having too much time on your hands
does to you.

I just downloaded a new app on my phone
and I just went crazy
I decided to do a family photo album.
I'm not sure they will all appreciate it
but I'm doing it all the same.
The app is Photo Lab and its free.

I downloaded one called Cartoon Camera last year
but this is way better.

I've been sharing photos
with friends and family
I sent one to my brother and he shot back
"Nancy has a new toy".

There are tons of options to play with
but my favorite is this "Pop Art Style".

If you're friends with me on facebook, no doubt
you will see some other options 
but for this post I'm trying to be cohesive.

I have always dreamt of being
talented enough to be able to sketch, draw and paint

but I suck at it.

I guess this is the next best thing.

Perhaps everybody already knows about this app
and I'm just now catching up
after all I didn't get a smart phone until a year ago.

Anyway...this is my beautiful family.