Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Every morning I try to get get up about six or six thirty.
It gives me enough time to
piddle and straighten up a bit
before Mom gets up.
I need to be ready for action when I hear her
walker scraping and moving down the hall.

When she first gets up, she doesn't have her
hearing aid on yet so I just heard her
into the bathroom where we take care
of morning duties.
Then it into the dining room/den/ I don't know room
where she has coffee and starts to
watch the birds at our
bird feeder.
I get her breakfast, she takes her pills
and then after a while we get
her dressed.

She may watch a little TV or look at magazines
(I'm not sure how much she follows on either)
We chit chat and ease into the morning.

By about ten thirty she is ready for a nap, where she
stays until about twelve when I wake her
for a bathroom visit and lunch.

 Weather permitting we get outside for some sunshine.
  Lately though, it has been a little too windy.

Depending on my timing, and
if I don't get Mom to the bathroom on a regular schedule
she may need to change her clothes
during the course of the day.
She will look at her mail or the paper
(again I don't know what connects and what doesn't)
but she goes through the motions.

Then it's nap time again until dinner is ready.
In the evening we watch a little TV
(Grit TV is a favorite of my Dad's),
then off to bed at about eight.

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