Sunday, November 27, 2016


Today my Mom and Dad celebrate
their 69th wedding anniversary.

She was 18 and he was 21 fresh out of the navy
and working in the automobile industry.

Two years later my brother, Billy Jr. came along,
then my sister Susan the following year.
Five years later I was born, then Rick in 1963.

Although I found a few pictures of Mom
attending some of her sisters at their weddings,
I did not have one of
Mom and Dad's day.

Dad tells me they decided to travel up
to Toledo Ohio where there was
no wait to marry. 
They were both living
in Michigan at the time.
Mom is from there, Dad is a southern boy
born and raised.

They've seen the family through four weddings
and two divorces. Max and Kate
are their two grandchildren.

Good people, hardworking, honest.

I count it a privilege to care for them now.
Happy Anniversary
Mom and Dad

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  1. Beautiful post. I consider it a privilege to be your sister.