Tuesday, July 26, 2016


 It's been almost two weeks since I posted.
I could tell you nothing has happened,
but that would be a lie.
Much has happened, just nothing BIG.

We continue to watch our garden grow.

 The butterflies are out in force.
Now that the butterfly weed is growing
back in our side fields, we see
more and more of them everyday.

 We wait with anticipation, on our
cantaloupe vines.

 The zinnia seeds I planted in the Spring
have erupted and not only are we enjoying them

 so are the goldfinch.

My little patio niche!
I'm just loving it.
Coffee in the morning and
wine in the evening.
"Nancy Time"

 Dad still remains obstinate to taking it slow
and playing it safe.

He throws caution to the wind,
he's gonna do what he's gonna do.

Lastly, we've got new wheels!
Doc gave Mom a prescription for a
new wheel chair.
Now we can go out and about
"in style".

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