Sunday, October 16, 2016


I'm feeling fairly comfortable in my routine
and care concerning my Mom.
She has dementia.
Now it's time to focus on my Dad.

For a ninety year old, he's in pretty good shape,
except for his acid reflux which seems to be
getting steadily worse.

Over the Memorial Day weekend,
he gave me quite a scare.
Bad stomach ache, shortness of breath,
lack of balance, and a few other ailments.
Got him to see a doctor, who sent him into the
hospital for test...
then nothing.
The test they ran showed nothing to be concerned with.
What do you do with that?

I was determined to find some help for him.
Was I adding to his pain with my care giving?
Was I feeding him the wrong food,
or too much of it.

I read countless articles and watched
lots of videos,
the one thing they seemed to have in common was
raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
That's where I started.
I didn't want to go overboard so we started
with one tablespoon in a warm glass of water
once or twice a day.
He was feeling better in three days.

My reading also brought me to purchasing
some digestive enzymes.
He's feeling better still.

My last purchase was a wedge pillow to help him sleep.
It keeps his chest above his stomach
so the acid is less likely to
flow back up.
This morning Dad told me that his back
was even feeling better.
We are trying to eat healthy,
with smaller meals,
staying away from spicy and fatty foods.
I plan on continuing my research
and making more changes
as I can.
As a footnote, let me say that every change I've made
came with protest and distrust
and not just a little.

I also read that a "colon cleanse" was a good idea,
that's a whole other post.

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  1. You are making strides forward. Although he doesn't always let you know, I'm sure he appreciates feeling better because of your efforts.