Monday, October 10, 2016


 I'm loving this cooler weather
and so I've been taking advantage
with daily walks.
I also suffer from "SAD",
so sunshine is a must.

 The house is surrounded by fields and farmland and
so I've started walking around the perimeters of
some of the many soybean fields.

 Some color change, but not much yet.

I'm keeping my eyes peeled
for anything that might work
in my fall and winter decorations.

One of our neighbors recently moved out.
We referred to him as
"the bird man"
because he loved birds and
kept many.
Homing pigeons, geese, a variety of chickens
to name a few.

I scavenged these lovely feathers from his yard.
My crafting wheels are turning.

In fact I've already put some of my finds to use.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this
little pond, two fields over.
I'm slowing learning my way around
and loving the adventure.

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