Tuesday, December 27, 2016


 Christmas Day started out well, I got up early, turned on the twinkle lights, put out the flag, and lighted the scented pine candle.
I was walking towards that awaited first cup of coffee
when I smelled something that wasn't quite right.
Needing the coffee really bad,
I disregarded the smell.

When I opened Mom door for the first time that morning,
it hit me like a ton of bricks...
I wanted to run for the hills
The day didn't get a whole lot better.

Oh, it had its good moments
we opened our gifts,
that took about 20 minutes.

We got a call from my brother in Europe
and had a good chat.
I called my sis, Susan and my niece Kate and
 laughed with them for a while.

Mom was pretty much out of it all day
and Dad decided he wanted to be contrary
at every turn. Negativity was the word of the day.

Don't get me wrong, I believe Christmas
is a season, not just one day
and the season was good.
I did a few simple decorations,

put up a tree,

sent and received a few Christmas cards.

I even did some baking
(in my toaster oven).
And had some lovely neighbors drop by
bringing all kinds of goodies and good cheer.

On Christmas eve, my brother Bill and wife Pat
and of course their sweet dog Roxy
came for a visit and dinner.

Mom looking cool in her new shirt from Sue.

I think my problem with Christmas Day,
and it was "my problem", was mostly in my head.
You know how you fantasize about the perfect holiday,
and how everything is so magical
and then you live it
and it's not.
Well we ended up not communicating much of the day.

Mom and Dad slept a lot.
In my bad mood and depression,
I sent a frustrated text to my sister
and screwed her mood up as well.
I felt even worse about that, sorry Sue.

So I went to bed and put the covers over my head.

Later that night I turned on the TV and found 
"The Homecoming"

The original Christmas special that introduced
the world to the Waltons.
I was redeemed and smiling
when I shut off the lights.

Goodnight John Boy.


  1. One of the challenges this year, for me, has been figuring out how to celebrate those holidays and special days in new ways. It has been very difficult letting go of my old ideas of how to celebrate. Will life ever feel "normal" again, I wonder?

  2. Taking care of elderly parents is not easy. We lost our mom in her 60's so she never really got old to us. Our dad was in his 80's when he passed and he was a grumpy guy at times, very short tempered. It wasn't easy taking care of him. He's been gone now 8 years and I still miss the ornery cuss. Cut yourself some slack and take each day as they come. You are doing a very good job with your folks, keep your chin up. :)

  3. Haven't visited your site in a while. This was great. I remember us watching the Homecoming. Was that forever ago. Great post sis.