Thursday, December 29, 2016


Many of you who know me well,
know that my creative outlet is crafting
knitted wreaths from rescued sweaters.
I've been at it for several years now and I can't think
of anything I enjoy more.

Today I had the itch to do something creative,
so I went through the few crafting supplies that I brought
with me and found this colorful sweater.
Right before I left Johnson City
one of my friends left this sweater on my porch.
She said I could use it for something,
and today I did.
Thanks Betty Ann.

It's a very big sweater and can easily make
two or three wreaths.

Today I only used the sleeves.

I started by covering my wire frame.

Then cut some strips and made some roll-up flowers.

I have an etsy shop called Nanniepannie, but
alas, my creations do not sell as fast as I want to make them.
I've been forced to slow my creating down
due to limited space in the basement.
Such is life.

I think this one will just hang in our little kitchen.
The Christmas decorations come down soon
and we'll need a little color and whimsy.
This one makes me think of the circus
for some reason.

Thanks for stopping by.

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