Monday, August 7, 2017


I've just finished my entry into the 2017 Davidson Family Bake off.
This time we did "Tunnel of Fudge Cake".

I can't remember the last cake that I made from scratch,
if I ever did make one.  I'm thinking with four years of
home economics in high school I surly did,
but nothing comes to mine.

This was quite a pricey little endeavor,
with almost four sticks of butter, six eggs,
two kinds of sugar,
flour, chopped nuts and cocoa.

Did I mention I bake everything in a
toaster oven...don't get me started.

Into the oven

Out of the oven.

Cooled, flipped and glazed.

Because it wasn't rich enough on its own,
I served it with a scoop of ice cream.

If you try to reach us and can't,
there's a good chance we've all past away
due to a sugar coma...
but we died happy!


  1. Alrighty. Mine will be coming soon!

  2. Here's a message I received to pass on to you"Hi Susan, I've enjoyed your pictures of your move and your rehabbing. This morning I ran across your sister Nancy's blog through the link you posted. How wonderful that she is living with your parents and writing about her experience. This is something that so many people are presented with. It's wonderful that she is writing the blog and sharing with us. I am not able to post on her blog but wanted her to know that I've been reading as are others are I am sure. If you could pass it on to her I would be grateful. Have a good day Susan.

  3. I came across your blog and related to your situation with your parents. My situation is different in that I am a caregiver for my 63 yr. old husband who has Dementia/Alzheimer's. I've enjoyed reading your posts and know that you are such a blessing to your parents at this time in their lives. Sacrificing doesn't always come naturally. The chocolate cake looks divine and the fact that it's from scratch!

  4. popped over from your sister's blog. My inlaws are 94 and 91, so I know well what you're probably experiencing. Will be following along to see how it's going. Good luck.