Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 Happy Birthday
to my big brother
Billy W Davidson Jr.

He's an introvert, lover of nature and animals
and my father's namesake.

Now that he is retired, he spends much of his time outdoors.
He has started raising chickens, in fact just this year,
he has added 14 to his flock.
When ever he visits, he always brings a colorful collection
of eggs to enjoy.

He is married to one of the best gals around
Patricia Talley Davidson

When he's not in the backyard,
you can most likely find him in his workshop.

Did I mention that he is a very organized person?

So happy birthday Bill,
relax and enjoy your day.
I hope you're having chocolate cake!
Love, Nancy

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  1. Let me chime in too! Happy birthday Bill! Have a great one!