Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 Last year our "little" table garden was just too
big for the three of us.  Plus I didn't know what I
was doing so most of it was a failure.

This year I've converted the front third into a small
herb and flower garden, it's already taking shape.

This fairy has been around the block and back.
It first belonged to my niece Kate, given to her
by her father.  Then it became property of
the household and spent time on the
front porch of Buttermilk Cottage.
Then it made its way into the backyard and sat on an old
latter in the garden.  Now it's at home in
Fayetteville Tennessee with me.

Last year while looking over our side meadow
I happen to spy something in the distance
that caught my attention. 
Something orange in the distance.
I inquired about it to friends and discovered that
it might be butterfly weed.  Before I could dig it up
it got cut down and bailed, so this year I have
been on the look out and yesterday I found it.
I may have made a big mistake, but I got my shovel
and wheelbarrow and gathered a few clumps.
Time will tell, anyway isn't gardening
just trial and error?

I reinstated my bottle bush
(the stepchild to a bottle tree)
My bottle tree is on lone to Susan for now.

Happy Gardening

PS if anyone in the Fayetteville area should want to dig up
or divide their Black Eyed Susan's,
my hand is up.

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