Thursday, May 4, 2017


 Spring has come to us here in Fayetteville
but it didn't stay long.  It seems
we are now in Blackberry Winter.

We are trying to take full advantage of
our days when we are forced to be inside.
Dad has put up a shelf in our laundry room
which I requested.  I found this great old
board in our old storage shack,
after a little clean up and some Liquid Gold,
it was perfect.

I've been doing a little crafting.
This is a wreath I made using
pine cones.

I like it.

Spring is my favorite season.
I so enjoy just strolling around the property
and seeing what nature has provided.
Lately the honeysuckle has been in bloom
as well as all kinds of wildflowers.

We have started our garden, but it's
not much to look at just yet.
This little plant slept in the garage
over the winter, I can't believe it

Until it's warm again...
we wait.

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