Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Every other Monday my parents receive meals on wheels.
What a great program and what a help it is to all of us.

My parents live too far from the delivery site
to receive hot meals daily.
They do however qualify for the frozen dinners
that come every two weeks.

A hot meal does come to them on the day of the delivery.
I think they are prepared at the local senior center,
but not positive.

The meals are nothing fancy, but nutritious.

Both my Mom and Dad still have good appetites
so not much gets wasted.  Mom sometimes leaves
her green vegetable, but when that happens my Dad
is quick to take up the cause of the
"clean plate society".

They receive twenty meals in all, two hot and 18 frozen.
Skim milk, sandwich bread, whipped spread, snacks
(Moon Pies or cookies)
and a couple of juices all come with the delivery.

The meals arrive just in time for lunch,  so as soon as
the folks have had their fill, Dad gets busy unpacking.

When he's done and not looking,
being the control freak I am,
I do a little reorganizing with like meals together.
This week they have five different choices.

What I usually do is have the meals on wheels
for lunch time and try to cook
a dinner meal.  Sometimes we alternate
but it seems to work well for us.

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