Saturday, May 21, 2016


I wanted to give you a quick update on how our
garden is coming along.
Yesterday we got some much needed rain,
but not near enough.  The garden is beginning
but I had hoped it would be further along than it is.

The peppers, tomatoes, and squash have done the
best so far.  Our beans are coming up, but haven't
began to climb yet.  They need a few more inches
before I can help them along up our bamboo stakes.

Dad helped me make this make shift composter.
Hopefully I will have enough this Fall to
ready a bed in the front yard for planting
next year.

The good.
Today I my walk I discovered some good and bad.
I've got a question into one of my experts,
but I think these may be blackberries.
I have a vision of blackberry pie!

The bad!
I believe this is poison ivy, and it is growing
like crazy in the woods now.
I am sooooo allergic.

Now for the ugly.
This table and chair set is my latest project,
It's been painted three times, I think,
first black, then white and finally green.
All three colors chipping off now, give it that camo look.
I'm not a camo girl
so I've started today with a wire brush and sand paper.
I hope to get them painted within the next two weeks.
I will keep you posted.


  1. Please, please, please....stay FAR away from the poison ivy.

  2. I love your blog Nancy.
    I remember some times when you were living at home when the poison ivy covered you. YIKES !