Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.
I've been in retail for more than 40 years
and the thought of now being able to be off
and enjoy holidays makes me a bit giddy.
Susan was able to join us for the
whole weekend which made is
even better.

Sunday morning started out with a
big family breakfast.
Not only was it delicious but
Sue did the cooking, so it was an extra treat.
In fact, Sue took care of all the meals while she was here.

Dad loves it when Susan comes because
not only does he get to see his
"second favorite" daughter,
he gets to play solitaire
on her IPad.

Billy and Pat were able to join us on Monday.
They were kind enough to bring us
some of their chicken's fresh eggs.
Yum, yum.
They also brought their grill up and we all enjoyed
a cookout of hamburgers and hot dogs.

Rick and Terry are out of the country so they were
not in attendance.
We did keep in touch through our smartphones.
Rick kept our mouths watering with all the
pictures of his baking creations.
This is his apple pie.

Mom was festive in her
red, white and blue.
I do think I discovered something about
her this weekend.
Too many people around is maybe a bit overwhelming.
She doesn't join in the conversation
like she does when it is just
me and her.
I could be wrong, but she just didn't seem as
animated as she is with me.

We all enjoyed the weekend
but now it's time to get back into our normal
routine...I don't mind.

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