Wednesday, April 6, 2016


 Some very influential people
were born on this day back in 1926.
Miles Davis
Marilyn Monroe
Allen Ginsberg
Fidel Castro...

 Billy W Davidson

Yes, today is my Dad's 90th birthday
and we started it with a pancake breakfast.

We don't always see eye to eye,
but he is one of my
most admired men.

I asked him this morning what does it feel like to be 90
and he said about the same as 89.
I told him he could just relax and take it easy,
his response:
Relaxing and taking it easy
gets you into trouble.

Although he has slowed down
Dad is a doer.
He has given his kids so much,
a great work ethic
is at the top of my list.

He can be a stubborn bear
and a kind soul.
He has always been a great role model.
He's taken care of his family by being a
hard working man.
Thanks Dad and
Happy Birthday.


  1. That is awesome. He is a great man.
    I know I gave him hell when I was young but he taught me so much. I love and admire him.
    See you next week sis.
    Rick (the baby in the picture)