Saturday, April 2, 2016


I've been here a little shy of three weeks.
Spending my time caring for Mom's needs first,
but she sleeps much of the time so I've been cleaning
house mostly.

Their home has been neglected to say the least.
Susan and cleaned and cooked on our monthly visits
but that has only scratched the surface. 
I've washed down cabinets and shelves, scrubbed bathrooms,
and rearranged furniture.

I'm trying to be sensitive with my changes,
but if I had my way
I'm afraid I'd go crazy and toss everything.

I keep telling myself, don't be disruptive and anyway
it's not about me, but I am struggling to keep myself
in check.  For now I'm contenting myself with
a few touches of art and live plants
(they didn't own a one.)

Green things growing this makes me very happy.

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