Sunday, April 3, 2016


 Yesterday I told you I was making small changes
in our home décor.  One thing I'm trying to do
is limit my buying.  I've always been a
"use what you got"
kind of girl,
even if that means having to
totally remake something or using it for
a purpose it wasn't made for.

 My Mom has an entire drawer of cloth napkins,
kind of strange because I've never known
her to use them unless it was a holiday.
Mom and Dad have always been
paper napkin people.

 Well, I've started using them,
not for every meal but when it makes sense.
Dad fights it.
I started thinking,
what can I use them for.
The kitchen curtains were in very bad shape,
I think they had been hanging for 13 years.
Mom may have even had them
at their old house in Meridianville.
  They were faded and thread bare
and had to go.

I chose these green and purple ones.
They looked like they had never been used.
Now, I'm not much of a seamstress and I haven't
investigated Mom sewing machine yet.

I kept it simple and sweet.
Used a tension rod and just hung them over it.

I can live with it.

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